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Synthetic wigs or hairpieces are a great accessory to your look. The Consultants at Hair & Beauty Canada Wig store have put together a few simple instructions below for our customers to get the maximum life-span and performance from their new wig or hairpieces. Your wig or hairpiece should last up to six months if you follow our wig care instructions below.


Washing Your Wig or Hairpiece
Synthetic wigs should be washed in cool water with specialized wig shampoo. Never use over the counter shampoo on synthetic wig fibre!  Only use wig shampoos and wig conditioners that are specially designed for synthetic fibre and will increase the longevity of your wig or hairpiece. (Using conditioner is highly recommended to reduce tangling.) Do not scrub the wig, just swish it from side to side and dunk it up and down. Wigs should be hung to dry. (Synthetic wigs may also be set when wet. See Wig Styling below.)Once dry, spray sheen or detangling spray onto the wig and comb or brush depending on the type of wig you have (See Combing and Brushing Wigs below). We recommend the Jon Renau Wig Care kit. This kit comes complete with everything you need to care for your wig. It includes, a wig stand, shampoo, conditioner, a brush and wig styling sheen spray for $59.95. Contact us directly if you wish to order. If you want your wig to last longer than 3 months, buy this kit!

Styling Your Synthetic Wig
After washing your wig, using T-pins, pin the wig to a styro foam mannequin head and comb the hair (as instructed below), then set in rollers with rolling papers and setting lotion.  Place your wig on a stand or styro foam head overnight or until completely dried. *This is recommended. Once dry, take out the rollers and style the wig as desired.

Do not use hot tools like blow driers, curling irons, flat irons on your wig or hairpiece. These will melt the synthetic hair strands and ruin the wig or hairpiece! If wig hair gets frizzy, use wig sheen spray to get rid of the frizziness and then comb. If not, wash then set with setting lotion to get the frizziness out. When wigs are tangled, use a detangling or wig sheen spray



How to Brush or Comb Your Wig

Never brush your wig when it is wet. Use your fingers or a detangler spray. Do not use a brush on a curly wig or hairpiece as it will cause it to frizz. Instead purchase our specially designed wig brushes. These brushes do not pull or tangle the hair on your wig and hair piece.


Wig & Hair Products
It is recommended that you use shampoos, sprays and conditions that are designed for synthetic wigs. It will increase the longevity of your wig or hairpiece and ensure that your hair looks undetectable and natural feeling. Hair & Beauty Canada recommends the Jon Renau Wig Care kit because it includes  everything you need to take care of your wig.

Wig Storage
When wigs are not in use, they may be stored in a hair net and plastic bag or on a wig stand, such as styro foam head or a plastic or wire wig stand.



The Hair Beauty Team

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