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Lace Front Wigs
(Human & Synthetic Hair Available)
Buy your lace front wigs from a reputable authorized wig reseller!

The Best Human Hair - Quality lace front wigs.

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Lace Front Wigs
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Here is some info to help you to decide whether to buy a Human Hair Wig or  a Synthetic Wig...

Many customers from Hair & Beauty Canada (Canada Wigs )prefer synthetic hair because it is easier to maintain and less expensive. Most synthetic wigs are precut and styled but many wigs can be styled anyway you want them. The advantage to monofilament wigs is that you can change their look, just as with real hair.

Synthetic hair dries faster than human hair wigs. The synthetic wigs at Canada Wigs look very real. Many of the synthetic wigs at Hair & Beauty Canada have a silky texture that make them look and feel more like real hair!

Wigs made of human hair will obviously look and feel more like your hair, but are more expensive, many prices starting at $1,000! You can buy human hair wigs at Canada wigs for almost half the price with human hair wigs some starting as low as  but $350.00 and up that can be worn for up to one year if appropriate hair care products are used.

Hair & Beauty Canada customers really like human hair wigs because they are just like your own hair,not a wig. With Human Hair, you can use heated appliances and you can color these wigs as well as have them washed and styled.  For more information on how to choose the best wig for you please contact a Wig Consultant at Hair & Beauty Canada Wigs today for  a free wig and hair consultation.

Should I consider wearing a wig?
 The lady standing right next to you in the line up with the fabulous looking hairdo is no doubt wearing a wig! More than ever, there is a growing number of women aged 25 to 75, that are starting to wear a wig. A wigs is no longer a fashion faux-pas but a quick way to improve your looks in minutes. You will never have to say that you hate your hair ever again. The wigs on this website are designed so well that they are literally undetectable. Hair & Beauty Canada wigs has the cure for thinning or unmanageable hair. Just think, with a wig, you could ultimately have a good hair day...every day of the week. A wig is a practical way to change your look without damaging your hair. You can change your hair color, or go from curly to straight any day of the week with a new wig or hair piece. Buy yourself a wig today and you will never have to worry about bad hair days again. Losing your hair? A wig is an instant hair loss remedy and a subsititute for a new hairstyle. Our wigs and hair pieces look so real, even your friends won't know it's not your own hair. We only purchase natural looking, fashionable wigs for our valued customers and offer the top of the line wigs, hair pieces, and human hair extensions.Our wigs don't have that "wiggy" look, they actually look and feel real. Shop for a human hair or synthetic wig or hairpiece at Hair & Beauty Canada Wigs and see for yourself. You may never go back to wearing your hair again once you try our wigs at Hair & Beauty Canada Wigs.

If I can't try the wig on, how do I know if it will fit me?

That question is easily answered. Don't worry 99% of the population wears an AVERAGE sized wig so therefore you can purchase almost any wig on this website and it will fit you.

All wigs come with adjustable tabs so you make the wig tighter on your head or larger depending on what feels most comfortable for you.
If you are of the rare exception and have a very small head or a very large head in your opinion, please contact us because we also carry a few petite sized and large sized wigs. Click on the link below to view petite wigs.

Everything You Need to Know About Your New Wigs!
Thank you for visiting our online wig store at Hair & Beauty Canada. If you are reading this page, you probably are looking for information on how wigs are made and need to know what is the best wig or hairpiece type for you.
There are two main types of wigs--human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs come in a variety of different hair types, remy cuticle hair, European hair, Asian hair. Synthetic hair is made from fibres such as kanekalon and monofibre. The type of wig also varies in terms of how the wig cap in constructed. Some human hair wigs have a full material based cap or some human hair wigs are made with french lace. The french lace is a see-through nylon top that simulates a natural looking scalp. From this we have what is called the lace front wigs, which are mostly human hair wigs. These lace front wigs are glued to your natural hair-line and are the most natural and sought out wigs made from human hair.
The most popular wig in synthetic hair from many Hair & Beauty Canada customers is the monofilament top wig. Monofilament wigs are specially designed wigs that simulate hair is growing directly out the scalp. For this reaso, your styling options are limitless! You can part monofilament wigs as you would with your own hair.
The choice is up to you. If you are willing to pay more and would like your wig to last a long time, the human hair wig, although it require much more maintenance would be the way to go for some persons.You can color human hair wigs,curl them and brush them just like your own hair.A well taken care of, human hair wig could last up to a year or more.
For wig wearers who want a low maintenance and affordable wig, we would recommend you purchase a synthetic wig. The prices are better, and there are hundreds of styles to choose from. Many of our wig customers purchase two of the same wig, that way they can have one to wear around the house and the other for going out on the town. Having two of the same wig allows for greater flexibility.
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