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1.       Before washing, gently brush out all the tangles and hair spray residue. For wigs with a tight curl, do not use a brush. Use fingers and gently remove tangles.

2.       Use a mild shampoo. In a sink or basin, add a small amount of shampoo to cold water and immerse wig. Gently swirl and let soak for approximately five minutes

3.       Rinse the wig gently in cold water until all shampoo is removed, two rinses. Apply conditioner through the wig. Allow the hair to absorb the conditioner for at least two minutes.

4.       Rinse the wig gently in cold water in sink or basin.

5.       Wrap the wig in a towel and gently pat out excess water.

6.      Place clean wig on your wig stand and allow to air dray thoroughly before brushing. You may also use a blow dryer on your new wig to straighten hair but please use low heat.


Please Note: Human Hair wigs can be dyed to any color of your choice. It is best to go from light to dark, rather than dark to a lighter color. We highly recommend that if you wish to dye your hair product that you take it to a Hair Salon Professional. If you are dying your hair yourself, L’oreal Color is a popular choice among customers. Enjoy your new hair!


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