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Eva Gabor Wig Colors
Please Note: G+ Colors are colors that are lighter in the front of the wig and get darker gradually towards the back of the wig

Brown Colors

L2 Ebony G4+ G4+ - Dark Chocolate Mist L4 L4 - Midnight Brown G6+ G6+ - Coffee Mist L6 L6 - Dark Chocolate
L6/30H L6/30H - Chocolate Copper G8+ G8+ - Chestnut Mist L8 L8 - Dark Cinnamon LG830 LG830 - Ginger Brown G10+ G10+ - Nutmeg Mist
L10 L10 - Chestnut G11+ G11+ - Mocha Mist G12+ G12+ - Pecan Mist


Blonde Colors

G13+ G13+ - Cappuccino Mist LS13 LS13 - Iced Toast G14+ G14+ - Almond Mist 14C 14C - Dirty Blonde G15+ G15+ - Buttered Toast Mist
G16+ G16+ - Honey Mist L16 L16 - Honey Blonde L1627 L1627 - Butterscotch G20+ G20+ - Wheat Mist LR21 LR21 - Sandy Blonde
L22 L22 - Swedish Blonde 22C 22C - Pale Gold Blonde G25+ G25+ - Butterscotch Mist LG25 LG25 - Ginger Blonde 101C 101C - Pearl


Red Colors

G27+ G27+ - Ginger Mist LR27 LR27 - Ginger Red 27C 27C - Strawberry Blonde G29+ G29+ - Cayenne Mist LR29 LR29 - Russet
G30+ G30+ - Paprika Mist L30 L30 - Irish Red LG33 LG33 - Dark Auburn G130+ G130+ - Dark Copper Mist LG130 LG130 - Dark Copper
G135+ G135+ - Chianti Mist G627+ G627+ - Hazelnut Mist


Highlight Colors

LF825 LF825 - Gold & Cinnamon Mist LG1020 LG1020 - Buttered Walnut LR1223 LR1223 - Buttered Pecan L12/26H L12/26H - Honey Pecan Mist LR1416 LR1416 - Buttered Toast
LR14/88H LR14/88H - Golden Wheat Mist 17/101C 17/101C - Pearl & Walnut Mist 18/22C 18/22C - Golden Pecan Mist 24/14C 24/14C - Golden Mist

Gray Colors

36C 36C - Smoked Mink G38+ G38+ - Sugared Walnut 38C 38C - Smoked Walnut 44C 44C - Steel Grey G48+ G48+ - Sugared Pecan
48C 48C - Walnut Mist 51C 51C - Pewter G56+ G56+ - Sugared Silver 56C 56C - Smoke 56/60C 56/60C - Silver Mist
G58+ G58+ - Sugared Almond G60+ G60+ - Burnished Snow L60 L60 - Snow 60C 60C - Snow Mist G101+ G101+ - Platinum Mist
101C 101C - Pearl 119C 119C - Gradient Smoke 192C 192C - Gradient Charcoal

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