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Custom Designed Products Policies

Hair & Beauty Canada designs wigs based on the specifications provided to them by the customer including hair color and size. Wigs sizes are determined by the measurements provided by the customer and colors are also based on choices and information provided by the customer. Custom wigs are hairpieces are final sale and changes and modifications are not possible after a unit has been completed. By ordering a custom wig from our company you agree to abide by our company policies.

Styling Custom Wigs

Hair & Beauty Canada designs custom wigs and hairpieces, but does not style them. Although we may at times request that you send us a photo of yourself or the hairstyle you want to achieve, this is simply because it helps us design and place the hair in the direction where styling will be easiest upon receipt by the customer.

New wigs and hairpieces always are best styled when physically worn by the customer. Hair should be styled according to an individual’s face shape and personal style preferences.

In some cases, Hair & Beauty Canada (upon the request of the customer) will install parts or cut bangs into the unit based on the measurements and instruction provided by the customer. Hair parts and bangs are permanent and can’t be changed once altered. For best results, we recommend that all customers have their new custom units cut and styled by a salon professional or hair stylist in their area while the unit is worn by them for the final stages of personal customization.

Curly Hair Wigs Policy

In some cases, but not all cases, washing a curly wig or hairpiece may result in the hair losing some or all of the curl resulting in wavy hair. Hair & Beauty Canada does not guarantee permanent curl on its products. It is recommended that the customer be prepared to use curling devices, and steam rollers or tools to keep the curl in the hair over time.

Sizing Policy

Hair & Beauty Canada designs wigs based on the specifications provided to them by the customer. Wigs sizes are determined by the measurements provided by the customer. Correct fitting is possible when measurements are accurate. For correct sizing, we advise all customers to take several measurements for head size. For precise measurements, a visit to a hair care professional or stylist is recommended.

Hair Coloring Policy

Hair & Beauty Canada does not guarantee an exact color match for hair colors but offers the “closest match possible” We want you to be happy with your custom units and will make every attempt to achieve the best match possible. If there is concern about coloring, we advise customers to rent a color ring, choose the colors themselves or to have their unit designed in one solid “light” color. By choosing a light color, the customer may dye the hair “darker” to achieve desired results. Custom units should not be lightened in any way as this can damage the hair. Any dying of the hair should be performed by a hair care professional for best results.

Hair coloring is a process and based on the type of hair used the outcomes may differ. In the case of blended colors and highlights, please note that the color distribution is solely based on the percentages given to us by the customer and will be made exactly to specifications so colors may seem different that what was anticipated in some cases. Only this way, if necessary, the customer may elect to dye the custom wig with a new color of their choosing.

All custom made wigs and hairpieces are final sale.There are no refunds! *Changes, alterations or modifications are not possible after a custom unit has been started or completed.

Returns however, are available for customers who elect purchase an extended service warranty that will allow for a return and a replacement of the original order at no extra cost.


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