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When asked what our most popular wigs are, we would have to say our own. Hair and Beauty Canada offers not only brand name wigs from over fifteen wig manufacturers but also offers their own line of custom synthetic and human hair wigs.
The most popular wigs of course being human hair because of their longetivity. Human hair wigs that are taken care of may last as long as two or three years or even more. When asked what our most popular style of wig is, we would have to say that the lace wigs are overall the most popular wigs of all.
Not many people not what a lace wig is. That is because for years now they have only been worn by movie stars and models due to cost. Now lace wigs can be purchased for only a fraction of the cost.
A lace wig is a wig that is made with a sheer swiss or french lace base and perimiter. It is applied with glue and allows the recipient to have the appearance of a natural hairline and hair growing right out of the scalp. Almost completely undetectable at close range, the lace wig is a must amongst our customers and long time wig wearers.
There is a trick to applying lace wigs and only with proper application can you get the most out of your wig. All of the lace wigs sold at Hair & Beauty Canada come with free application instructions and a supplies list so that you are not left out in the cold.  When your order arrives, you will be pleased to see how easy and great your new lace wig looks after a few application attempts.
The lace wig is gentley and can last up to one year if cared for properly. Some swiss wigs are more delicate and may require repair to the lace before the year is through but french lace wigs are more durable and dont tend to tear as often.
There are two types of lace wigs that we carry. We carry the front lace and the full lace. The full lace wig is the most popular of the two as you can wear your hair in a high pony tail.
When you visit our store, please be sure to visit our Lace Wigs page to view many of our styles. All of our lace wigs are of top industry quality and are evne supplied internationally to model and persons in the movie industry due to their high quality design.
If you have any other questions about what wigs would be best for you please feel free to contact us by email or live chat. We would be happy to assist you. Thanks for your time and visit!

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  • 100% Canadian owned and operated!
We carry wigs from numerous wig brand manufacturers, however we dont show every single product on our site. If there is a wig that you need and you cant find it, just email us and we will special order it for you. Simply contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will send you product photos and information about Canada wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions.
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We have Canada wigs for sale including human hair,long hair, monofilament wigs, lace front wigs, cancer patient wigs, costume wigs, hair replacement wigs, long wigs, short wigs, and petite-sized wigs to large sized wigs! We also carry wig care and beauty products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and accessories to keep your wigs lasting longer
Buy a Canada wig from the best Canada wig store in Canada.Hair & Beauty Canada Wigs Outlet Store is here to assist you with all of your hair and beauty needs. With over 5,000 beauty products and hair accessories to choose from this is the best wig store Canada has to offer. We carry everything from costume wigs to fashion wigs, long hair wigs to short wigs, curly wigs, straight wigs,cancer hats, medical wigs and beauty salon supply products and accessories such as wig sprays, shampoos,wig stands,conditioners,spray sheen, wig caps, color rings and more. Please visit our online store today and find everything you need from wigs to hairpieces, beauty, lingerie and fashion apparel.
Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle, or you simply want a new look... we will help you find the best wig to compliment your face shape and personal needs. Medical wigs and custom made wigs exact to your specifications are also available.

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